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Work WIth us!


We love collaborating and working with others, and Maple Alps is now accepting unpaid guest posts and collaborative ideas. Why don't you contact us with a pitch and let's see if we're a good fit!

Categories & Guidelines

Recipes: If you would like to submit a recipe, the one requirement is that it must be vegan.

Natural Living: Natural home care and natural beauty. All products must be all natural/homemade. 

Lifestyle: Will entertain most topics. Must fall under intentional living, simple life, and contentment themes. 

Relationships: Christian families, marriage, friendships, etc. 

Faith: Short devotional thoughts. Posts on Christian faith.


No affiliate links/sponsored posts. No pitches for oils, shakes, etc. No adult content. Must be original content not published elsewhere unless re-written/re-worked.  You may (and are encouraged to) link back to your blog/personal site or social media. 

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Photos: If you have high quality/professional photos to submit with your article, those are welcomed! However, to maintain brand-consistency, Maple Alps holds the right to use their own imagery. 

Posts: Posts should be ready to publish when received. When submitting, Maple Alps holds the rights to edit your submission (punctuation, grammar errors, etc.). If any major changes have to be done to your work, we will be in contact with you within the process of editing.

Please Include: Please include a brief bio, headshot, blog URL and social media links with final submission.

Publishing: If your submission is a good fit, it will be scheduled to be published on Maple Alps. You will be notified of publishing date, and it will be shared to social media. Links back to your website can lead to more exposure for you!

Once applying to guest post, we will be in contact with you ASAP.  
CLICK HERE to apply. We look forward to working with you!