about the girl: 

I'm Amanda. I've been blogging quietly in a corner for quite some time, and it wasn't until this year that I decided to go more public and share all of the great (or not so great) things I've been up to. 

Two years ago, my world got flipped upside down (in a positive way). After graduating from University, I got married and moved to a new country in a matter of weeks. So now I find myself, a proud Canadian, living in the United States adjusting to life as a new wife (read: homemaker and pastor's wife), and the [pretty great] state that is Michigan.

Even though I now work full-time as an elementary school teacher, I've been able to rekindle the love affair that I have with all things domestic. When I'm not teaching, cleaning, experimenting in the kitchen, or making lists or grocery shopping (sometimes in that order), you can usually find me tinkering with some of my many hobbies like music, crocheting, running, and photography to name a few.

I've also been able to implement changes in every day habits that have brought satisfaction, health and joy to my family! Maple Alps is where I share these exciting things, and can continue to grow while encouraging others to do the same!

To read more fun facts about me, check here. To find out even more, read this. For a fun look at the Man Behind the Blog, check out an interview with him, here!


Maple Alps is a faith-based lifestyle blog focused on living intentionally, simply and content. I've chosen to live an intentional life, and while this may mean different things to different people, as a Christian, I believe I am called to glorify God in all that I do - from what I eat to how I choose to spend my money. This is a place where I share how I practically do that, and help others do the same. To read more of my thoughts on intentionality, please read this post here.  Be sure to stay tuned, because you never know what may happen!




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