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4 Simple DIY Moisturizing Face Mask For This Winter

Natural LivingAmanda Walter | Maple Alps6 Comments

The cruelty of winter on our face requires that we give it an extra moisturizing boost once in a while. Whether it’s outside where the air is freezing and dry or indoors where we’ve cranked up the heat on maximum, the winter season results can be brutal on our skin!

A simple solution for this would be to go out and purchase a moisturizing mask. However, sometimes we just don’t feel like spending all that money on face masks. Plus, who wants to go outside in this horrible weather when we can just stay at home and cozy up in front of the fireplace?

 For this reason, we’ll help you explore and browse through your fridge items and use everyday items to create 4 simple DIY moisturizing face mask for this winter!

And even though it might seem weird at first, these DIY masks can be even more effective than store-bought ones. Plus, you’ll know that everything you apply on your skin is completely natural and doesn’t cause any irritation to your sensitive winter skin. 

4 Simple DIY Moisturizing Face Mask For This Winter |

1.    Avocado Mask

Avocados are full of healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that will deeply nourish and moisturize even the driest skin. Vitamins E and A in the avocado will gently feed and repair the tiny cracks of your dry skin, while its rich antioxidant content will fight off aging skin and destroy free radicals. For an even stronger moisturizing effect, mix the avocado with olive oil, yogurt, and honey, all of which with incredible hydrating effects.


Ingredients for the Avocado Mask:

●      Avocado – half
●      Honey – one teaspoon
●      Olive oil – one teaspoon
●      Yogurt – one tablespoon


Preparation: Smash half an avocado with a fork as much as you can, until there aren’t any large chunks of it left. Making the avocado as smooth as possible will allow a better application. Next, mix the avocado paste with one teaspoon of honey (best effects can be seen with raw honey), one teaspoon of olive oil, and one tablespoon of yogurt.

Mix well and apply on your face. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse well with lukewarm water. You will immediately notice a huge difference and your skin will feel incredibly smooth! 

4 Simple DIY Moisturizing Face Mask For This Winter |

2.    Banana Mask

Bananas are rich in potassium, which is known to be a deep moisturizer for dry skin. Furthermore, they contain Vitamins B and A, as well as amino acids which will give your skin an extra boost of strength and elasticity. In this banana mask, we will also add yogurt which contains calcium and lactic acid – known for their skin benefits. And finally, our third and last ingredient will be olive oil which is an incredible hydrating oil that keeps moisture in.


Ingredients for the Banana Mask:

●      Banana – 1, ripe
●      Yogurt – 1/3 cup
●      Olive Oil – 1 teaspoon


Preparation: Use a fork or a similar tool to smash one ripe banana until there aren’t any chunks and large pieces left. The smoother you make this banana paste, the less messy the application process will be. After you’ve pureed the banana, add 1/3 cup of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil and mix all these ingredients together. Once you’ve prepared your mask, apply it with your hands or a clean brush and wait for 15 to 30 minutes.

 After that, wash off the mask with lukewarm water and gently pat-dry your face. The results will be amazing!

4 Simple DIY Moisturizing Face Mask For This Winter |

3.    Coconut Oil Mask

Coconut oil is one of the best ingredients when it comes to DIY moisturizing face masks. Not only that it smells divine, but it’s also one of the most hydrating oils ever! Aside from that, coconut oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties which will prevent acne formation. The best addition to a coconut oil mask is brown sugar. Exfoliation is a “must” for dry winter skin, and brown sugar is the perfect way to make this 2 in 1 mask + exfoliator.


Ingredients for the Coconut Oil Mask:

●      Coconut Oil – 1 tablespoon
●      Brown Sugar – 1 tablespoon


Preparation: Coconut oil is solid in cold temperatures, so you will need to leave it to melt either at room temperature or to heat it up a bit. However, make sure that you don’t make the oil warm or hot. Once you’ve melted your tablespoon of coconut oil, add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Apply this mask by massaging it on your face in circular motions.

This will exfoliate your skin incredibly well! After you’re done with exfoliating and applying the mask, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, rinse your face with lukewarm water and feel the bliss! 


4 Simple DIY Moisturizing Face Mask For This Winter |

4.    Egg White Mask

Our final suggestion for those cold winter days is the egg white mask. Egg whites are high in collagen and proteins which will bring back your skin’s youth and elasticity. Trust us, you’ll feel 10 years younger after this mask! Aside from the egg white which will tighten your skin, this mask also contains almond oil for hydration, as well as oats which are some of the best natural moisturizers and gentle exfoliators.


Ingredients for the Egg White Mask:

●      Egg White – 1
●      Coconut Oil – 1 teaspoon
●      Oats – small handful


Preparation: First whisk the egg white with a fork until it’s white and foamy. Next, add 1 teaspoon of liquid coconut oil and mix it together with the egg white. And finally, add a small handful of oats into the mixture. Combine together all these ingredients well, and your mask is ready. Start applying the finished product on your face with the help of your fingers or a clean brush.

It’s best to apply the mask while you’re wearing old clothes and standing over the bathroom sink because it can be a bit messy. Leave the mask on for 15 to 25 minutes, or until you feel that the egg white is starting to dry. Then, rinse it with warm water and pat-dry your skin. 


The above 4 simple DIY moisturizing masks for this winter will all give you incredible results, just like any expensive store-bought mask would. So, don’t hesitate to try them all and tell us your impressions! 


4 Simple DIY Moisturizing Face Mask For This Winter |

My name’s Manoju or Manju as my friends like to call me. I blog at and I believe that no one should be judged by their appearance. I started Mangolift to help people improve their skin and so that they can walk with their heads up high.

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Seize the Moment - Choose the Corner: Stay at Home Workout Guide

HealthAmanda Walter | Maple AlpsComment

There are days when your home feels too comfy to leave it, and since gym memberships can be quite costly, sometimes your home seems like the best option for getting your workout done. So, turn your house or apartment into a private and budget-friendly gym with this home workout guide.  Get your yoga mat, put on your workout clothes and get ready to discover easy and fun ways you can get fit and healthy right without ever leaving the comfort of your home.  

Seize the Moment - Choose the Corner: Stay at Home Workout Guide |

When You Feel Like Staying In

When you just feel like spending your day inside and not going out in the cold, there are simple and effective indoor workouts you can try. You don’t need much equipment, just a plain yoga mat or an old blanket for some knee and back protection. When it comes to the exercises, aside from basic sit-ups, pushups and crunches, you can also do some stair stepping that will definitely raise your heart rate. If you don’t have stairs in your home, you can still do this exercise with the biggest book you can find or a small chair or bench. You can also add some arm and back exercises with weights or water bottles. Water bottles are quite handy as weights because you can adjust the weight to your fitness level. 

Seize the Moment - Choose the Corner: Stay at Home Workout Guide |

When You Feel Like Staying in Bed

If you would do anything to stay a few extra minutes in bed in the morning, we have some good news for you. You don’t even have to get up to do your morning workout! Stay in bed and still get a workout  in with some simple exercises you can do right on your mattress. Choose a few every day (or complete the whole set) and try circuit training. Complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, take a 10-second break and get onto the next exercise. These will get your blood pumping and you’ll certainly burn more calories than scrolling through Instagram in bed. 

Seize the Moment - Choose the Corner: Stay at Home Workout Guide |

When You Need to Stay In

If you work from home sitting in front of your computer screen for hours and after you’re done, you just want to relax and stretch out on the sofa, you have to know that you’re not doing yourself a favor. Research shows that prolonged sitting is bad for your lungs, heart, back and your mental health. So, if you want to break this cycle and get some exercise while at your desk, embrace deskercising! For your office workouts, you don’t need any special equipment aside from things you can find in your home office, such as books, desks, a chair and yourself. You can do all sorts of exercises like leg raises, chair crunches or table pushups. One great way to get moving in your office is to pace every time you’re on the phone! You’ll stretch your legs and put some extra steps on your Fitbit. Pro tip: either find a good ergonomic chair for your office or get a soft pillow that will protect your back from prolonged sitting.

Seize the Moment - Choose the Corner: Stay at Home Workout Guide |

For Those Who Have A Pool

If you’re one of those lucky people with a backyard pool, you basically have the best piece of workout equipment at home: water! Depending on the size of your pool, you can start swimming laps or engage in some water aerobics. These exercises will do wonders for your posture, weight, muscles and your overall health. All you need is some basic swimming pool equipment like goggles and you’re ready to go. 

Seize the Moment - Choose the Corner: Stay at Home Workout Guide |

For Those With a Backyard

If you have a backyard, you have a whole new world of workout options (hello, cardio!). Cardio is great for improving your heart health, boosting your metabolism, shedding fat and keeping you fit and toned. So, try organizing a boot camp in your backyard that will leave you absolutely breathless.

As you can see, your level of activity doesn’t depend on the weather, budget or time; you can get good workouts at home. All you need is 15-30 minutes, some basic equipment and the motivation to get moving! 



Faith is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.

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Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success

Guest PostsAmanda Walter | Maple Alps4 Comments

Shopping is a time-consuming adventure that many gladly take part in. Confessedly, I was no different. I loved the thrill of going into stores, hearing their relaxing music, and seeing the bright new trends on the shelves. Whether I was shopping to take my mind off a problem or to just window shop, none of it was sustainable. I was picking out pieces that I would soon forget about. I just didn’t know it yet. And how could I? When you’re shopping, sometimes it can feel like you really need that super cute blouse. You can’t wait to wear it to work or out to brunch with your friends. And I was just the same. But after a while, I started growing weary of the superficial feel of it all. I had countless tops, pants, shoes, and bags that I no longer was excited to wear. No longer do I take an amiable stroll throughout the shops, eyeing the mannequins, shoes, and accessories. Because now when I approach the stores, I have a solid plan in mind.


The Focus of Fast Fashion

Everywhere you look, whether it’s on social media or the magazines at the grocery store, you’ll see ads. The main thing these ads are doing is busy pressuring us to look better by paying more money. Fashion is one of the worst culprits. You’d think that four seasons is plenty, but you’d be wrong! The thing about fast fashion giants such as Forever 21, Topshop, and Zara is that they are constantly adding new shipments and styles into their stores. Fast fashion is all about making the consumer feel like they’re suddenly off-trend even though they just had a massive haul a week ago. With new trends and styles continuously flooding in, it lends that “must have it” feeling to shoppers who didn’t even know they needed it, much less wanted it.

But it’s fine to splurge every once in awhile, right? Because it’s not like you’re always stocking up on pricey jeans and jackets. Surely there can’t be much harm in grabbing a $10 hoodie. However, a big problem of the inexpensive clothing is that it’s cheap. Not just cheaply priced but cheaply produced. With big stores like H&M, they have outsourced their work to massive factories. The factory workers put in many long hours in order to put together clothing to be shipped back to the stores. These workers are underpaid and not taken care of properly during their shifts. It’s also very cheap to order clothing in bulk from these factories. Large, popular brands like H&M can even get away with reselling items for a fractionally higher cost than manufacturing. For smaller brands, they’d never make enough profit if that’s how they operated. But for big brands, they drop the prices to entice shoppers to give in and buy a nicely priced blouse or a pair of pants. And because millions of people shop at these brands, the fashion industry is raking in the cash. It’s a dark picture to think about. The good news is that many indie fashion labels are beginning to burst into the scene. Lots of people like a good DIY project or knowing someone handmade something. There are definitely ways that you can buy beautiful, reliable clothing that will stand the test of time while even remaining stylish.


The Simple Guide To Sustainable Shopping

So now I want to break something down for you. It’s something I’ve been compiling over the last several months. I want to share my sustainable shopping tips and tricks.

Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success |


#1: Avoid Shopping

Perhaps this is the most obvious tip. However, if you take a day to reevaluate your wardrobe, you could be surprised. Document what you have. Try to work with it. But let’s be serious, we can’t avoid shopping forever…


#2: Limit Your Shopping Trips

Okay. So you’ve got to grab a pair of jeans because the ones you have are just a bit too snug. That’s fine. Hold onto that. When you go out to shop, shop with intention. Don’t go for one thing and end up coming home with multiple bags. And when you do shop, shop for quality over quantity. Seek out brands that have sturdy clothing. Try to stay away from the fleeting fads. If you invest in a nice pair of jeans for $150 that will last you, it’s going to be a lot better in the long run than if you had snagged a pair for $15.


#3: Seek Out Consignment Shops

If you’re not willing to give up shopping so easily, there are always solutions. Rather than heading to outlets or shops, try consignment stores. There are many different sorts. From local consignment stores with specifically chosen consigned pieces to polished online storefronts with practically new pieces for a fraction of the price. A couple of the more upscale consignment shops are ThredUp and TheRealReal. They specifically carry luxury brand clothing. That means no poorly-created clothing for cheap prices.

Some of my second-hand finds:

Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success |
Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success |
Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success |

#4: Turn To Eco-Friendly Brands

It’s time for the next step. Like I mentioned before, there are people and companies out there who strive to bring their own handmade and ethically made goods into the world. They’re created with care. You just have to find them. From awesome fun printed slip-ons by Inkkas to iconic white shirts by Anne Fontaine and more. There are countless indie fashion labels out there. You just have to find the time to locate the ones you love. Fashion labels which bring sustainability, elegance, and minimalism into their very designs are drawing in clients who are hungry to veer away from fast fashion.


#5: Begin Avoiding Fast Fashion Destinations

Starting out, you may find that eco-friendly fashion designers may not have what you were expecting. If you’ve checked out dozens of indie labels and still are struggling finding a classy pair of heels or the perfect clutch, don’t give up. Rather take a step away and use the last resort: fast fashion. For the reasons I talked about before, fast fashion is not the best mode of action. But sometimes, we don’t really have another choice. Heading to your nearest shopping center can work just fine. You just might end up finding a classic blouse that you can wear again and again. Not all fast fashion is poor fashion (or even style). And it definitely will do the trick in a pinch. However, if you want to seek out sustainable fashion at places like Zara or Topshop, go for it. There isn’t anything wrong in using major fashion labels as a backup plan or a minor substitute. Just don’t let it be your first choice and avoid the obvious fads that will be gone in a month’s time. There are so many other hardworking individuals who deserve your money and are willing to trade their sustainable products for it. 

Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success |

That’s pretty much how I like to shop sustainably! What do you think? How would you choose to incorporate sustainability into your shopping?

Nadia Karpov is a founder of Happymalista blog where she documents her journey towards minimalist life style. As a slow fashion enthusiast, she constantly explores the subject and shares everything she learns along the way. You will find simple style, beauty, sustainable shopping, and travel tips on her blog.

To learn more, please visit Happymalista, Instagram, and Facebook

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Five Secrets for Sustainable Shopping Success |

5 Anti-Aging Natural Oils for Gorgeously Beautiful & Ageless Skin

Natural LivingAmanda Walter | Maple AlpsComment

The market is flooded with numerous beauty products which help in hiding uninvited signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Though it’s great to have too many options in the anti-aging products, a lot of women are usually left confused or unsure about what will work for their skin or what will not. Instead of wasting time in searching one of the best anti-aging products, it would be great to turn towards Mother Nature to get gorgeously beautiful and ageless skin naturally. When talking about nature and natural products, one cannot ignore the essence of natural anti-aging oils. Extracted from leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and resins, essential oils comprise several potent and effective ingredients which are proven quite effective for skin and overall health. Keep reading to know about the 5 natural oils which are known for their amazing anti-aging properties and incredibly beautifying effects.

5 Anti-Aging Natural Oils for Gorgeously Beautiful & Ageless Skin |


1. Lavender Oil

Extracted from the flowers of Lavandula angustifolia through the steam distillation process, the versatile essential oil of lavender is known for its magical effects. Being a great source of natural vitamins and antioxidants, lavender oil works wonderfully in slowing down the aging clock and preventing wrinkles. A gentle massage of skin using a blend of lavender oil with any carrier oil is proven every effective in reducing the appearance of age spots. Moreover, it freshens up the complexion as well.


2. Frankincense Oil

Comprising great anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic properties, the essential oil of Frankincense is proven quite effective in slowing down the visible signs of aging, including wrinkles and sagging skin. Its powerful astringent property is also helpful in protecting the skin cells from getting damaged. Besides removing the age spots, the essential oil of frankincense is also effective in reinvigorating the skin, improving skin elasticity, balancing skin pH, and promoting healthy cell regeneration. You can also use this as an effective solution to combat acne, stretch marks, and wrinkles around your eyes. Mix a few drops of frankincense oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil and apply it gently over your skin for a younger look.

5 Anti-Aging Natural Oils for Gorgeously Beautiful & Ageless Skin |

3. Geranium Oil

Extracted from the leaves of Pelargonium odorantissimum plant, geranium essential oil works wonderfully for those who are struggling with premature signs of aging. Being a great anti-inflammatory and astringent agent, geranium oil is appreciated for its ability to make the skin flawless and youthful. When used regularly in combination with a carrier oil, geranium oil tightens the skin, regulates the production of sebum, reduces the appearance of pores, tones skin, so on. This is probably why it is so popular among women from all walks of the life. Mix a few drops of this oil with your regular body lotion and apply it gently over the affected area regularly before going to bed to get a young, beautiful, and glowing skin within few days.

4. Pomegranate Seed Oil

Botanically known as Punica grantum, pomegranate seed oil is the flag bearer when it comes to the selection of anti-aging natural oils. Comprising a lot of bioflavonoids, the pomegranate oil penetrates deeper into the layer of skin and works best in protecting the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. High in Omega-5 fatty acid and antioxidants, this oil works magically in reducing the free radicals which cause skin thickening, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. Mix a few drops of this oil in your regular moisturizer and gently apply it to your skin to get younger, toner, and beautiful appearance.

5 Anti-Aging Natural Oils for Gorgeously Beautiful & Ageless Skin |

5. Jojoba Oil

The carrier oil of Jojoba is proven quite effective in diminishing the fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, and other common signs of premature aging. Jojoba oil comprises various Vitamin contents which are effective in speeding up the rapid regeneration of the skin cells. A regular massage of the facial skin with a blend of jojoba and any other carrier oil like almond is one of the best options to get a firm, smooth, and younger skin within no time.

This is all you need to know about the five effective natural anti-aging oils. If you want to get the best benefits, you need to approach a reliable supplier for buying 100% pure natural oils. As some of the people have quite sensitive skin, it is advised to consult with an expert before buying any oil to avoid any kind of skin problems.


This was a guest post by Abhinav Kumar Singh, who is a renowned aromatherapist and essential oil educator with 8 years of professional expertise. His passion is to help others by sharing crucial information about aromatherapy, information, usage and tips from essential oils and allied natural extracts. He has been advocating about the benefits of natural essential oils through writing and speeches to reach out thousands of persons through his blogs, articles, and speeches. Find more of his works at Allin Exporters. Apart from this, he loves traveling to new places and spending time in his backyard.

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8 Tips To Go Deeper Into God’s Word

FaithAmanda Walter | Maple Alps14 Comments

Until recent years, you could have found me approaching bible study like most women. I'd flip to a Psalm or open up a devotional and spend about 5 minutes trying to apply it to my life. I craved something more but just wasn't equipped to do anything about it.

While devos have their place, women would do well to strive for deeper immersion into the Word of God.

So, here are some tips I've learned over the years that I thoroughly recommend adding to your bible study routine.


8 Tips To Go Deeper Into God’s Word |

1. Pray.

Prayer is so important. If I’m being honest, though, it’s also the step I tend to forget about way too easily. When approaching God’s word, we can pray about the following things:

  • What book of the bible should I read?

  • Pray for understanding and wisdom at the beginning, and during your study as questions come up.

  • Praise for who God is and any attributes you see in the passage you’re reading.

  • Pray that God would reveal to you how to apply what you’ve learned to your life.


2. Don't toss out any books of the bible.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 says,

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

From the seemingly monotonous genealogies to the Levitical Law, all scripture points us to the feet of Jesus and is applicable to our lives today.

Be open to every book in the Word of God. As Jen Wilkin says, "There are no pink parts of the bible." We need more than Esther and Ruth.


3. Park yourself in one book.

As women, we like to move quickly. We're always on to the next thing. This ought not be so in our time with the Lord.

Make yourself a student of one book of the bible for as long as it takes. Your goal is to find Jesus among the pages, learn more about God's character and allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the truths of Scripture which will shape you into Christlikeness.

This requires you to slow down. Take your time.

If this means you spend six months studying one book of the bible, that's awesome! Be okay with mulling over hard passages for long periods of time. In the end, you'll reap the reward.


4. Search out the context.

Context is key, y'all!

When studying a book of the bible, you must find the context.

Believe it or not, you can find out a lot about a book by reading it multiple times in a row. I do this by searching for information about the author, recipients, or themes I see and writing them down.

A decent study of hermeneutics will be super helpful for this. The bible is compiled of many types of literature, from poetry to letters. Knowing what kind you're studying will be helpful for how to interpret scripture.

Of course, there's also the option of a good study bible which has all of that information at the beginning of each book. However you decide, search out the context. This is vital to bible study and protects the reader from wrong interpretation of the text.


8 Tips To Go Deeper Into God’s Word |


5. Hold off on using a commentary until the end.

While study bibles are great for getting key information at the beginning of your study, commentaries should be used at the end.

When we use commentaries throughout our study, we rob ourselves of the chance to come to the correct conclusion on our own. There is so much growth that happens in the in between as we wrestle with the meaning of scripture. We're forced to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide and shape our mind to understand.

I always use a commentary at the very end of my study to see how my thoughts line up with a trained theologian. If you're looking for a good one, Matthew Henry's is fantastic and it's available online!


6. Use different translations.

Whenever I come to a difficult passage to interpret, I like to read it in a couple other translations. This can be so helpful. But remember to use a translation and not a paraphrase. Typically, I use the ESV, YLT and NASB.


7. Define words.

Another good practice is defining words. I write down any word I don't often use or don't know. Look at the synonyms too. I can't tell you how many times this has helped me to better understand a verse.


8. Be patient with yourself.

Lastly, be patient.


You aren't going to understand everything in one sitting. Some days, you'll walk away from your study confused or even frustrated. Learn to embrace the discomfort of not understanding, knowing that in due time God will reveal to you the truths he wants you to know.

It's in those times where we trust in God, even when we don't see what his Word is saying. Our faith is stretched and we humbly accept that he is God and we are not.

If you want to read my bible study technique, you can find it here.

Be encouraged, friends. God is with you as you seek his face through studying his Word.

This was a guest post from Brittany Allen, who blogs at God's My Healer. 

I'm a follower of Christ and wife to James. I exist to bring God glory and pray my writing is an avenue for that. I long to encourage women to think and live biblically. I thrive on seeing women open up their hearts to The Savior and to other women around them.

Connect with Brittany:
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