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April 2016: Make it Blissful
August 2017: Clear Transparency
June 2018: Life Lived Intentionally


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April 2016: Uniquely Yours Ministries, Count It All Joy
July 2017: CQ, Will I Be Still?
December 2017: The Called Company, Finding God in your Every Season
January 2018: Carina Jane, 5 Steps to Simplifying Your Closet
February 2018: The Called Company, On Adding Value
August 2018: Life Lived Intentionally, Three Things to Know About Biblical Hospitality


Maple Alps Mentions & Contributions

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April 2017: Simply Natural Mama: 5 All-Natural, DIY Toothpastes You Can’t Be Without
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February 2018: Educating Earthlings: 11 Delectable Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipes
June 2018: Live Kindly: 15 Gooey, Melty, Creamy Cheesy Vegan Recipes
June 2018: USA Vegan Magazine: 15 Gooey, Melty, Creamy Cheesy Vegan Recipes



October 2016 Uncommon Goods
April 2017 Casper
June 2017 Pure Flix