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Astra is Two!

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It’s been a long while since Astra made an appearance on the blog, so we might as well share about her turning two! It is hard to believe that we’ve had her for so long and how much this little creature has stolen our hearts.

Seriously, it seems that every other sentence we say to each other starts out something like,

“Look at the cat!”

She is seriously the sweetest. So an ode to Astra, our two-year-old cat (she turned 2 last month), who always wants to be near us.

Astra is Two! |

She also doesn’t mind posing for a photo every once in a while. Okay, maybe more than every once in a while because I'll admit right here that I was cleaning out my phone and I had over 400 pictures of this sweet kitty.

Astra is Two! |

You know, people write up blog posts for their kiddos who have birthdays all the time. Our firstborn just happens to be a lovable, fluffy, black cat, and that is okay too, right? And we know she’s quite lovable because everyone we’ve had watch her absolutely loves her. She’s a sassy feline indeed.

She’s still as curious as when she came and makes us laugh with all of her antics.

Astra is Two! |

I was reading an article a few months ago about how cats have the tendency to take on personality traits of their owners. I was a little skeptical about it, but after seeing what a drama queen our cat is, it’s probably not too far off from the truth. Hehe! She also loves naps, but I’m thinking that’s more of a cat thing ;-)

Fun story: Astra actually doesn’t mind driving in the car. We drove 14 hours to Maryland when we moved, and she slept on my lap the entire time.

Astra is Two! |

So there you have it: a little life update on our sweet kitty. A little bigger than when you saw her for the first time. Did you know she twisted our arm to have her own Instagram account too? Check it out!