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Essentials for a Cozy and Personalized Home

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My husband and I recently moved. Prior to the house we are currently in, we were in a small apartment. While it wasn’t terribly difficult to get everything into one UHaul, once unpacked, we instantly realized how empty the house was. Upgrading in space was nice on one hand, but on the other, we were not terribly excited to try and fill it all up.

So we didn't.

There were a few things we decided on purchasing (like a small bookshelf and new coffee table), but we still figured out a way to balance making our home feel personal and cozy while also keeping things on the simpler side.

As you know, we are not huge fans of clutter or many possessions, but it was easier to balance our minimalism and comfort than we thought.

We love our home and the “at home” feeling it has, so I thought I might share with you some move-in essentials to make your home feel perfectly cozy. 

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Rugs and Other Textiles

Rugs and other textiles such as curtains really add to a room and there are so many different textures and patterns available to make your space feel just right. It is amazing how just laying down a rug or hanging curtains can change the whole feel of a room. Attractive and warm throws also add a perfectly wonderful warmth to a room.



How much more personal can you get than artwork? Your walls do not have to be totally bare, even as a minimalist. Choose pieces that speak to your personality. Go one step even further and feature your own artwork or something done by a friend or family member. Of course, make sure you love it before you display it. We have some artwork by friends and places and things we love displayed in our home. Another thing I’ve come to love are decals to spruce up a wall - but do not be afraid of some blank space! 

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Pillows are a natural choice when dressing a sofa or a bed. For the sofa, choose colours and textures and patterns that compliment and enhance. In the bedroom, choose pillows that will offer soft support for your body to sleep on (these ones from Casper look amazing) as well as a couple of throw pillows to spruce up the place.



I love a good candle and not only the scent but also the soft flicker of light and atmosphere they provide. If choosing a candle that will be burned, make sure you purchase (or make!) chemical-free candles like soy candles that will not harm your health. I love the ones I mentioned here.

move in essentials for a cozy and personalized home |



Furniture is easy to switch out and easy to customize. You can also find fun pieces very inexpensively by asking around or checking the thrift stores in your area. Keep your ears open, because people often want to get rid of furniture. A word of caution, however: do not accept something just because it’s cheap or free; make sure you actually love it, otherwise, it will just be something that takes up space. 



Add plants and add life to your space! If you have a black thumb like me, there is still hope! Choose plants that are easy to care for, such as air plants or even palms! Besides the obvious reason that plants are beautiful, they also help keep your air clean! Totally helpless? Get some fresh flowers and pop them in a vase once in a while! You’ll be amazed at how both your mood and your space will brighten! I will confess that I have one faux plant - it’s a succulent because I have such a hard time keeping them alive - but no one is the wiser, and I’ve never been caught ;-)


So there you have it. I joined in on Casper's new home essentials discussion to share this guide for easy reference and pinning :) :) 

move in essentials for a cozy and personalized home |

What are some of the things you consider essentials in your home to make it feel warm and inviting? Why don't you share them with us below!