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Intentionality Spotlight: Blog Love: Kaetlyn Anne

Intentionality SpotlightAmanda Walter | Maple Alps8 Comments

Today we continue with Intentionality Spotlight! Similar to Women of Intention, different bloggers are featured in an interview style. Unlike Women of Intention, the focus is more on their blogs themselves, as well as an area of intentionality in their life.

I am so excited to invite Kaetlyn Anne to talk with us today. I won't say too much about her beautiful and inspiring simple living blog since she'll be sharing it, but know that it's great.

Intentionality Spotlight: Blog Love: Kaetlyn Anne |

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your work, passions and interests?

I am a creator, blogger, and Etsy shop owner! I feel most like myself when I am creating—whether that be painting signs, fixing up old furniture, taking pictures, making videos, or even simply decorating a space in my home. A few of my favorite things in the world include sunshine, fresh flowers, a good cup of coffee, and Jesus.  I’m passionate about simplicity and intentional living and I strive to incorporate that into every aspect of my life!

Intentionality Spotlight: Blog Love: Kaetlyn Anne  |

I love how your blog focuses on bringing simple back in everything from wellness and what we eat to how we approach our everyday items. What made you begin your simple way of living and what made you want to share it with others?

Thank you! I began my journey to simple and natural living at the beginning of 2016. At that point, I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for over 6 years and I was ready to do something about it. I had been on antidepressants for a few months at that time, and while they helped me mentally, my physical body was failing. I knew there had to be some other way to find true health.

My mom raised me in a very health conscious home, so I began to actually apply what she taught me and look more closely to what I put into and onto my body. Slowly I began eating better, throwing out toxic bath and beauty products, incorporating essential oils into my daily life, etc. I began to simplify everything and slowly I began to feel better, and better, and better. Eventually I realized I was no longer struggling with darkness like I used to and it was all because I chose to be intentional about what I bought, what I used, and what I consumed.

Intentionality Spotlight: Blog Love: Kaetlyn Anne |

I wanted to share this journey and way of life with others because I have seen and felt firsthand how much freedom it can truly bring, in our physical and mental health. Our culture is always going to “have the next big thing” that will make you “happier” or “healthier” or “wealthier” but I believe that those things can only be found by going back. To simple and to natural. I want others to discover the healing and nourishment found in God’s creations, not the world’s.


What is one other specific area in your life you find that intentionality is absolutely critical? How do you exercise mindfulness in it?

I think that being intentional in prayer time and Jesus time is beyond important. I hate to admit that there are many days where I would like to speed through and get on with my day without taking the time to sit in His presence, but whenever I skip that critical time, my soul just feels off!  

If I’m not intentional about this, I can easily find myself opening the Instagram app more than I open my Bible, and that is not how I want to live my life. I have gotten into the habit of not even turning my phone on in the morning until I have had time with Jesus, as well as setting a “curfew” for myself to turn my phone off at night so I can be intentional and let God guide my evenings as well. 

Intentionality Spotlight: Blog Love: Kaetlyn Anne |

If you could give one piece of advice about prayer to someone who struggles with it, what would you tell them?

Find a time of the day that you can fully dedicate to Jesus and stick to it. It may take a long time to develop the habit, but it is well worth it. Find a place in your house where you feel cozy and peaceful, and meet Him there daily. Leave all distractions behind! (That means your phone J) I’m definitely not always perfect with this, but I know God sees and is pleased with our every attempt to get to Him and sit with Him. He’s standing there with open arms every time!


Find Kaetlyn on her website or on Instagram


Astra's First Christmas

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You can make fun all you want, but naturally, we had to document our cat's (aka child #1) first ever Christmas, right? I've been reeeeeeeeally trying not to spam you too much with her on Instagram, so you get this quick Christmas post instead!

Astra's First Christmas |

Time has flown by since we got Astra, but we have enjoyed every minute of it. And in true "new parent" fashion, I present to you: our kitten. She's grown a bit since you last saw her.

Of course, we had to get her an ugly sweater. It's just the thing to do! She still isn't sure how to feel about it, but she handles our craziness very well.

Astra's First Christmas |
Astra's First Christmas |
Astra's First Christmas |

Ain't she cute? I know it. I look forward to her company and cuddles every morning - though I'm not sure what she loves more: me or all the knits in the house!

Astra's First Christmas |
Astra's First Christmas |
Astra's First Christmas |
Astra's First Christmas |

I'll spare you from suffering through more pictures....for now. We are just really attached to our little fur baby! Definitely didn't see that one coming :)

Merry Christmas from all of us over here, and a Happy New Year!

Astra's First Christmas |

Meet Astra

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You may have gathered as much on Instagram, but two weeks ago, our family grew by one: my husband and I adopted a sweet kitten!

Meet Astra |
Meet Astra |

Meet Astra! We chose the name Astra because it means "star," and she is all black and has one small white spot on her belly and one on her throat. 

It became very clear very soon that this little kitten loves to be near her humans. We are constantly having her tangled in our legs as we walk and we wake up to her in our arms in our sleep. When we escape to the bathroom, she's scratching at the door. If she's fast (which she is) she makes it in there before the door can be closed and hangs out on the bath mat. If anyone is in the shower, she'll run between the shower curtain liner and curtain along the edge of the tub in a flash.

Meet Astra |
Meet Astra |

If I'm working at my desk, she jumps up on my rolling cart and snuggles down for a nap. She is definitely never far from where I am. I had to add a fleece so she would be more comfortable since she insists on being right near me.

Meet Astra |

She likes chilling with my husband too and is content just sitting under his chair. It's amazing how laid back she is!

Meet Astra |
Meet Astra |

She's a seriously curious critter and loves to check out every corner and watches everything we do very intently. We've come to find out that she looooooves knits, and perches herself on every homemade blanket she can find. She even loves my mood blanket, so I naturally had to update the post with some more pictures.

So now you've been introduced to our new sweet kitten. My grandma is still waiting for us to have a child, but she'll have to settle for a great-grandcat for now. We've been told that people with pets live longer, so we have some time now I suppose :P 

Is she not the sweetest?

Meet Astra |

Do you have a pet? What do you love about it?


Turning Twenty-Something

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My birth date and I have sort of a love-hate relationship. I both dread and anticipate it every year. On the one hand, I become a year older (and perhaps a year wiser as well?), but on the other hand, I usually get showered with love and feel appreciated. What human doesn't appreciate some extra love??

In an attempt to do something a little different (if you were around last year, you saw my reverse bucket list), I decided to share what I did on my birthday. Unfortunately, my birthday fell on a Thursday: not only did I have work that day, but I had a job interview scheduled awkwardly in the middle of the evening. 

During work, my eyes started burning and my head began to pound. I started to feel feverish and just plain awful, so I set off to go home much earlier than planned. I figured that I would take some fever reducers and tough it out. If there was one day I needed to be on top of my game, it was that day.

Twenty-Something |

As I drove into the driveway, I saw some gold coming through the windows and got excited. My husband knows me well, and sure enough, as I walked in, not only had he strung gold balloons up, he had our family on Skype and FaceTime singing.

It's kind of strange I didn't suspect the latter, since I was on the phone with my mom and heard Skype in the background. I didn't really think anything of it though - just assumed it was the television or radio on her end. I did ask her what that "Skype noise" was, and she just said, "I don't know." She is a horrible liar. Always has been. Which I guess is a good thing?

By the time that whole ordeal was over, I was feeling pretty gross, so I took some meds, opened my gifts, posed with the banana chocolate chip muffin (my favourite!) and took a nap.

I'm totally spoiled and my husband knows me too well. These weren't even all the things I got! Thoughtful friends and family sent cards and flowers and gifts as too. 

After a surprise pottery painting ordeal, we went to one of my favourite restaurants to eat dinner and to a market to walk around before heading off to the interview. In hindsight, I should have brought the camera, but I was so out of it and so nervous, that it was the last thing on my mind. Those of you who follow me on Instagram followed along that day though! 

It wasn't even all over after that! It was pretty late by the time I got out of the interview, but my husband still had something up his sleeve. I seriously thought he was planning some kind of hike (don't ask), but when he pulled up to a roller rink, I had to laugh. While fighting a fever and the urge to sleep (I will enjoy my birthday, I told my body), we roller skated in circles until we collapsed. 

I did pay for it; I spent the weekend in my bed with a high fever. Totally worth it. 

I hope this next year treats me even better than the last. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did get the job! You'll hear all about that soon. 


Ever had to press through to make the most of your night?