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How to Keep Going When You Lack Motivation

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Feeling unmotivated now and then is a part of life. Plenty of days, I don't feel like getting out of bed, I second guess myself when I have a new idea, and of course, when something I tried fails, it only makes matters worst.

However, there will never be an excuse good enough to make me not want to keep going. It is understandable that we all have bad days, but remembering where we came from, where we are now and where we want to be is the key to staying motivated.

I find that there are a few simple rules to live by that has helped me stay motivated a driven to accomplishing my goals.

How to Keep Going When You Lack Motivation: The Quiet Girl Diaries |

Remember why you started in the first place.

We all have our reasons for getting out of bed every morning, and when we start something new, we sometimes get caught up in a bunch of other things and forget why we started in the first place.

For example:

I started my blog, The Quiet Girl Diaries because I have this urge to tell my story, and I have so many stories to tell. I also enjoy the pure gratification of having something I wrote published and possibly being enjoyed by someone out there in the world. Either way, it is cheaper than going to therapy.

However, I do get caught up in promotion, getting my statistics higher and trying to find pieces to write that will get the most views, likes, and shares. All of that is a distraction for me, and honestly, if I kept looking at my stats, I would not have the motivation to keep blogging. The one thing that does keep me going is knowing that I am doing what I love. I am working on my dreams, the big picture. So, success may not come in one day, but if I don’t give up, someday I will be one of those successful people mentoring younger generations about what it means to follow your dreams.

What I am saying is, whether it was quitting your job in pursuit of your own business, ending a relationship, or moving across the world, searching for freedom, or whatever pushed you to make that drastic decision in your life, always remember it and how importing it is to you.

Keep going back to why you made that decision in the first place. And if you find that maybe your heart or mind wasn't in the right place, it was still for the better because you learned something.

Let the past go

Dwelling in the past is never a good idea. No one can undo the past; it will only hold you back if you let it. So, I suggest you make a mental list of what you've learned, what has helped you get ahead, the good memories and just leave the rest in the past where it belongs.

Remember that you're not the only one

Whatever you're going through, remember that it is almost certain that somebody else out there is going through or has been through the same thing. For this reason, you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help, and the best part is that there is always someone who is willing to listen or even offer help.

Whether it’s close family and friends or even someone from an online community you talk to; chances are someone is more than willing to give you some advice or just tell you their story, and by sharing each other’s experiences, you will find a reason to get your motivation back.

How to Keep Going When You Lack Motivation The Quiet Girl Diaries |

Surround yourself with positivity

Make no room for negativity in your life. That includes your thoughts, toxic relationships or trolls of any form. Make the decision only to focus on the positive side of things while learning from the past, the failure, and mistakes; and then move on.

If you are a spiritual person, pray and ask God to give you strength.

What do you do when you lack motivation?

How to Keep Going When You Lack Motivation |

Judith Francois was born in Haiti and raised in Chicago, IL. She recently started blogging; sharing stories from her life, book reviews, blogging tips, and more. Her passions include writing and sharing tips and tricks from things she learns. Judith believes that God has a great purpose for her life

This was a guest post by Judith, who blogs at her blog, The Quiet Girl Diaries.
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