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Hot & Cold Crochet Pillow

DIYAmanda Walter | Maple Alps6 Comments

I have a sweet pen pal who had a birthday in January and I decided to crochet her a pillowcase out of some scrap yarn I was trying to use up. I initially had wanted to make it all different shades of pink - her favourite colour - but then I decided to take a different approach: making one side of the pillow primarily with warm colours, and the other with cool colours. 

Hot & Cold Crochet Pillow |
Hot & Cold Crochet Pillow |

It used up some scraps (recognize some of these colours?), and the result was pretty cute. I didn't use a pattern for the pillow - just made it up as I went and had a lot of fun!

Hot & Cold Crochet Pillow |

The day after I sent it, I got a picture of a grinning girl sent to me holding out the pillow. I guess she likes it! I think I might have to make another one just for me ;-)