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5 Steps to Simplifying Your Closet

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I used to be overwhelmed with the amount of clothing I owned and I didn't even know it. When I moved away from home and found that living out of two suitcases was actually possible, it changed my life - especially when it came to my wardrobe.

Simplifying my closet has been a lifelong project for me, but for you, it doesn’t have to be. It took me years to let go of the clothing that didn’t flatter me or make me feel good (and to realize that, hey, I don’t actually need to keep it just because I bought it!). I am finally at the point where I can see every single article of clothing at any given time, and I know exactly what I own, and know that everything I have fits me well and suits me.

Today, I want to share with you a basic guide to help you begin with your clothing purging process.

5 Steps to Simplifying Your Closet |




It's amazing what kind of relief fills your heart when you open the doors to a simplified closet. Why don't you take a chance and try it out?


Preparing to Declutter and Deep Clean

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I love Spring. Even more than Spring itself, I love Spring Cleaning. Call me strange, but I do. It has been a long Winter, and things have been accumulating, but over the last couple of weeks, I have successfully managed to declutter even more to make way for my spring cleaning day. 

Spring is just around the corner, and I thought it would be appropriate to share some decluttering tips to help you get ready for your Spring cleaning! There are no rules when it comes to decluttering, in my opinion. I do, however, believe in guidelines. I've outlined three ways to begin preparing for your simplifying process below. Later this week, we'll get to the actual decluttering.

Preparing to Declutter |

Set Goals

Decide what you want to accomplish for each area. This is completely up to you. It helps if you write down your goals and share them with someone else to keep you accountable. 


Commit & Be Thorough 

This will take time. Decide on how much time you will commit to each project/room. Follow through and don't continue or move on until you have finished.


Create a System

Decide whether you will sell, donate, or throw away the things you collect. Be sure to have garbage bags or boxes handy for each category. Some categories you could use are:

  • Keep

  • Donate/Give Away

  • Sell

  • Throw Away

  • Sentimental Value

  • Put Away

  • Repurpose

Feel free to pin the image below!

Decluttering Steps

Later this week, once you complete these steps, I will be back with more practical tips for decluttering every room in your house! Don't you just love simplifying?

Update: You can now find the Ultimate Guide for Your Springtime Simplifying HERE!

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Spring Simplifying

Why I Got Rid of a Lot of My "Stuff"

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“Minimalism: is a word that is getting a lot of attention these days. When I first formally heard the term, I'm pretty sure I was in a music history class (think Philip Glass), which is completely unrelated to what I am about to talk about now.

I thought I would give my few cents on the topic of minimalism, since one of my resolutions was to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle. As you probably know, I strive to lead an intentional and simple life, and I think that decluttering and having less makes life feel purposeful. 

There's a certain satisfaction I feel when I can finally let go of something that is just taking up space - things I haven't used in years or things I may not have even liked in the first place! There were a few items that held a certain sentimental value, but I was even able to rationally say goodbye to some of them (digital cameras and scanners are wonderful things!).  Some of my best years were spent when I could only have two suitcases full of the things I needed.

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Don't worry, I'm not trying to tell anyone to get rid of their sentimental items - it's just my own personal choice. It's a continuing process.

Here are a few reasons I think that less is more:

Why I Got Rid of a Lot of My "Stuff"  |

Save Money

Well clearly since you are content with your needs, there is nothing compelling you to buy as much as your credit card or bank account will allow you to. I’m actually known for being able to truly window shop without spending money. By the time I get to the point I might buy something unnecessary, I’ve already talked myself out of it.

Save Time

When you have less "stuff," you tend to have more time. Think about it though:

Less Dishes = Less Dishwashing
Less Decor = Less Dusting (and less clutter)
Less Clothes = Less Laundry at one time (not to mention less time getting dressed in the morning!)

Basically, you'll have more time to do things you enjoy (or more time to be productive!).

Have Quality Items

Since you will have less expenses, and less things to buy, you'll want to buy things that will stand the test of time. Things that won't break after just a few uses. Bonus: most of your items will also have more meaning to you personally because you actually use, love, and took the time to choose them out. Curating items is such a satisfying feeling.

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Less Clutter to Occupy Your Space and Your Mind

When my surroundings are a mess, I find that my thoughts are also a mess. I can't be as creative, and I can't easily stay on task. Often, your surroundings reflect your state of mind.

Pack Less, Travel More

More money to spend on travel, less to put in your suitcase (and goodbye overweight fees at the airport!).

Add Value to Your Life

Decluttering and simplifying is really just getting rid of the things you have that do not add value or joy to your life. I have experienced it myself: when I let go of items that are just "things," I felt so free of dead weight. Material things are not bad, neither is having a certain sentimental attachment to some of them - but I strive to store treasures in heaven (see Matthew 6:19-21).


What do you think of getting rid of useless or meaningless possessions? Would you get rid of half of your things?

Why I got rid of almost half of my stuff.