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Some Things You'll Fall in Love with this Fall

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Hello, World!

If you've been following along on Instagram, you probably know that we very recently moved. It has been such an exciting time, although exhausting. We are thrilled with our new location and anticipate a wonderful time here. It does feel like starting a completely different life, so we decided that we needed to get a few unique items for our new place.

It was the perfect time to partner up with UncommonGoods for this post, which tickles me, since I've loved their unique gift ideas for a while now. It helps to know that they are all about sustainability and making the world a more positive place - not to mention a dollar of every purchase you make goes right to charity - which makes it a double treat! I also appreciate their commitment to sell products that are handmade, recycled, and organic.

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my favourite products from UncommonGoods to date that are not only crazy functional and sustainable but also downright adorable!

These avocado huggers were a no-brainer. We love avocados over here! Of course, we can only consume so much at a time and since I'm not always a fan of using a whole container to store our leftovers in, these were a perfect solution. They even keep the avocado from turning brown!

Avocado huggers UncommonGoods |

The Beeswax food saver went along the same reasoning as the avocado huggers. Sometimes, you just need to let some bread rise without adding extra plastic to the landfills. If taken care of properly, this wrap can last a year, and is compostable when you are done with it! So far, I'm loving it - even though it does take longer to use than traditional plastic wrap, I feel good about it. 

Beeswax Wrap Food Wrap UncommonGoods |

I had gotten into the habit of putting our onions into a paper bag, but I could only fit so many in one. This onion bag changed the way we stored onions. They still stay good long, and the liner even comes out to wash easily! Best part? Aside from being the perfect size for all the onions, it's also really cute! You can get bags for potato and garlic too.

Onion Bag UncommonGoods |

With the warmer days not quite behind us, these soapstone bowls are great. You can put them in your freezer so your ice cream or other cold treats won't melt as quickly (there is honestly nothing I am more disappointed by than melted ice cream). They are the perfect size for ice cream, and your hands get to stay warm because of the wood bowl! Now that cool weather is here, these will be perfect for keeping soup hot! 

Soapstone Bowls UncommonGoods |

Sometimes you just need to chill with a hot drink, and book, and a flickering candle. I love the natural soy wax, and you really can't go wrong in Fall with a scent called, "Sweater Weather." What I love most about it (besides the amazing smell), is the fact that it crackles. Sounds just like sitting by a fireplace!

Sweater Weather Candle UncommonGoods |

I am genuinely excited about each product I received. These would also make perfect gifts for others! I'm thinking bridal showers or weddings (some really cool and even personalized ideas here), birthdays (these here are really great), or even gifts to yourself - no shame in that! UncommonGoods has so many unique products that you can feel good about (and not just because you will not have to worry much about duplicate gifts)!

I forgot to mention one more thing! UncommonGoods has partnered up with GoodWill, so when you do order, it's easy and free to use the box that your goods came in to fill with things you don't want or need anymore and ship it off to be donated to a good cause. 


What about you? Have your eye on any of these cool and useful products?