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March Highlights & Some Thoughts on Intentionality

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Before I launch into my spiel about intentionality, can I just ask: Where in the world did March go? It seems like yesterday I was bidding February farewell! The grown-ups weren't lying when they said the older you get, the faster time goes by. Huh. 

March was a fantastic month. We welcomed Spring and enjoyed some warm weather and warm company. Most importantly, we had tulips. Can't forget the tulips.

If you've ever read my sidebar tagline, it says, "A faith-based lifestyle blog focused on living intentionally, simply and content." Seeing as it's the last day of March, and also that I have yet to specifically outline my views on some of these things, namely intentional living (oops!), I decided to take this moment in my week to write about it! Forgive me if my thoughts seem scattered. This is what happens when I spontaneously decide to write.

Some thoughts on intentionality.

Living intentionally may mean different things to different people, but as a Christian, I believe that I am called to glorify God in all that I do, and that my life truly has purpose. I wish this belief to permeate everything I do. So often our lives get busy and it seems like we have no time for anything of value. Sometimes, we allow this to happen for so long, that we don’t even recognize value. By consciously deciding how we live our lives, we minimize the possibility of looking back in regret. We eliminate things of no value, increasing our own satisfaction and contentment. Here are a few intentions I focus on in my own life:

  • Intentionally spending my money to ensure I am a good steward of it
  • Intentionally choosing food that is healthy and in turn betters my life experiences
  • Intentionally choosing to invest in people to build meaningful relationships and help others
  • Intentionally spending time constructively, as to not waste the precious days I’ve been given

The list goes on.

Of course this is not a formula to having the perfect life - there are other factors involved - but I think it is a good mindset to have. It has helped me have a quality of life that is fulfilling.

In the near future, we'll be exploring this more practically. This was just a short little blurb I felt was necessary to share :) 

-So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do to the glory of God.-.png

Confession: As I write this, it is quarter after eight (in the evening), and I just got out of my pajamas. Yes, internet. I was in my PJs And it wasn't intentional!

There are days like that sometimes, and that's okay. Change doesn't happen overnight. Neither can we create real and lasting change on our own. The important thing is that we keep being intentional about being intentional, and asking God to guide us in our journey. 

What about you? Do you try to live an intentional life? What does it practically look like for you? Do you want to know more about it? Any tips? Comment below!

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