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5 Reasons I Don't Buy Bread + Easy Recipes

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Bread. Bread is a true staple in our home. There's hardly a time when our bread box is empty or void of it.

We love bread.

What I love even more than eating bread is making it. A lot of people have asked me why I bother taking the time to make our bread when the grocery stores have walls lined of the stuff, so I thought I would clarify that here. Ready?

(Post updated June 2019.) 

5 Reasons I Don't Buy Bread + Easy Recipes |

Making Bread is Really Satisfying

There's just something about starting a dough, kneading it (when i use a recipe that requires kneading), and baking it. The best part for me is when the timer beeps and I take it out. I'm not going to lie - I look at it and marvel for a little bit! Eating it after all of that is that much more satisfying.

I Decide What Goes In & What Stays Out

That means there are no extra preservatives added, and I feel good when I choose to use wholesome ingredients. Of course, this means it doesn’t last on the counter quite as long, but that’s why the freezer exists, right?

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Making Bread is Inexpensive

This is actually the main reason I started making bread! The cost is so low, that you can afford using wholesome, healthy, organic ingredients. I seriously wish I could grow the wheat and grind it myself!

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It's Easy!

Making bread isn't hard at all. Super easy, as you are about to see. I don't even use a bread maker! All you need is an oven and a pan - best would be a cast iron pot (dutch oven)! I love mine! 

It Smells Great

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh baking bread? If you know someone who doesn’t, please, I need to meet them! Fresh baked anything makes the entire house smell amazing! 


Sold yet? I love making bread! Here are a few of my favourite recipes to use. Try them out, and let me know how it turns out for you! Do you make your own bread? Would love to hear about your experiences in the comment section below!

Why I make my own bread plus an easy recipe!