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Almond Coconut Chocolate Granola

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Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and I love having a huge variety of things available every day. One of the things I have always loved to have in my pantry is granola. Not only is it so easy to make and customize, it's fairly easy on the wallet as well compared buying the natural granola in the grocery store. It only takes a few minutes to put together and bake, and even though it also takes only a few minutes for it to disappear as well, it is definitely worth it. 

Almond Coconut Chocolate Granola |

Now that the weather has cooled off and I can no longer fully enjoy springing out of bed to eat a refreshing morning meal, I decided I'd better switch up my granola to be more Autumn-themed as well. I was working on making a gingerbread granola and decided that would have to wait until at least the end of November. Then this was born in a very good last minute decision. Adding cocoa to granola puts it on the edge - healthy, but with the subtle, flirtatious taste of chocolate. Okay, it may not be sooooo subtle...I added chocolate chips - which adds a whole other amazing dimension.

Almond Coconut Chocolate Granola |

Does adding chocolate chips mean it is technically a dessert? Nah, though I wouldn't mind eating a bit after dinner. Or for dinner. I am adult, so that means I can do whatever I want, right? Sure.

Almond Coconut Chocolate Granola |

Almond Coconut Chocolate Granola

What you need:

  • 5 cups old fashioned oats

  • 1 cup sliced almonds

  • 1 cup dry shredded coconut

  • 2 TBSP cocoa powder

  • 2 tsp cinnamon

  • 1/4 tsp sea salt

  • 1/3 cup pure unrefined coconut oil

  • 1/2 - 3/4 cup pure maple syrup (depending on your sweet tooth)

  • 2 tsp pure almond extract

  • 3/4 cup vegan chocolate chips

What to do:

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and prepare a large baking sheet by putting parchment paper on it

2) Mix dry ingredients well in a large bowl

3) Melt coconut oil in a small saucepan and whisk in maple syrup and almond extracts

4) Pour wet ingredients over dry ingredients and mix until oats and nuts are well coated

5) Spread granola evenly on the baking sheet (you may have to use two)

6) Bake for 15-20 minutes, being careful not to let it burn

7) Allow to completely cool and dry, then crumble the chunks and add the vegan chocolate chips

8) Store in an airtight container


Do you make your own granola?

Almond Coconut Chocolate Granola |