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A Year in the Life

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Guess what? Maple Alps is one year old today! What an unexpected journey we've embarked on over the last twelve months. Time has gone by extremely fast, and to be honest, it's been so speedy that I might have missed this momentous occasion! 

But since I haven't missed it, what we need most in our lives is cake to celebrate! Blogs can have smash cakes too, can't they?  I made this guy for the occasion and gave him a little hat. Simple celebrations are best. Vegan vanilla cake with "buttercream" icing from The Homemade Vegan Pantry (get your copy on Amazon here!). While delicious, no one in our house eats cake...who's coming over for a slice?


Vegan Cake |
Vegan Cake |


Making this my little corner of the internet was more fun than I thought it was going to be. It's helped me be even more intentional about everything in my life, and through blogging, I have come to learn about all sort of things. My interests and passions have grown, and so have I as a person. I truly only have my husband to thank (or blame) for the creation of Maple Alps. The man is relentless and insisted I start this journey! I'm glad he did.  


This Last Year

Surprisingly, the most consistently frequented post this past year (and currently!) was the recipe for Creamy & Dreamy Mac 'n' Cheese. That was the first recipe I ever posted, and though the post itself has gone through several changes, I still get a steady flow of visitors to that page. Go figure. Everyone loves a good Mac 'n' Cheese.  We actually had it for dinner last night, and added some fresh kale to the sauce, which made it S.C.R.U.M.P.T.I.O.U.S! I'll be updating the images for it this year.

A close second is my experience with homemade toothpaste followed by DIY face cream. I've since changed the toothpaste I use (to this one), but looking back I realize I never even thought twice about making these switches.

I won't make you sit through a review of all my past posts or a recap of everything that has been accomplished, but you are free to click around and even check out the archives to see what you've missed. 


This Next Year

I'm impressed if you have made it to the end of this little blurb. No one knows what the next year may bring, but I hope you stay along and take the journey too! When next year comes and we look back again, I know there will have been some even greater changes! Come along for the ride!