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Thoughts on Turning 25

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I debated with myself a lot before finally writing this post...

Yesterday marked my twenty-fifth birthday, and you may or may not know how that goes. The day itself was fantastic - complete with giant golden number balloons, new succulents to bring life to our apartment, and so many more surprises and smiles! Some days I think that I'm just the same now as I was when I was, say, eighteen, but when I think about it, I realize how much I've really changed over the years. Okay, so I can still wear clothes I wore in high school, and I never did get those extra few inches of height, but so much has happened from then to now. 

Thoughts on Turning 25 and a Reverse Bucket list

Last week, as I do every year, I went through a list of things I wanted to do by the time I turned 25. I didn't get everything knocked off the list (taking that pottery class has been on that list way too long), but I was surprised at how much I actually did accomplish. On top of that, I've done things I never even dreamed I would do or wanted to do. In honour of me officially reaching a quarter of a century (and despite that it is more interesting for me than you), I decided to share a few of these items. A "reverse bucket list," if you will:

Thoughts on Turning 25 |

Donated Blood


Went to a Wedding - As a Cardboard Cutout

I'm not even kidding.

Graduated from University - Twice

And now I don't miss school!

Decided for Myself to Follow Jesus

Independent of anyone else's opinion.

Thoughts on Turning 25 |

Learned a Second Language

Which I've decided I need to use more - especially since I have the opportunity to...

Ran a whack of Races

The half marathon was my favourite.

Lived in Three Different Countries

And visited plenty more!

Got Engaged & Married Within a Year

Not to be mistaken for met, got engaged and were married within a year - we were together for a few years already

So there you have a few highlights from the last 8 years (and my succulents that I had to share!). Since I have 5 more till 30, perhaps I should sit down and create a 30 before 30 list? Nah.


What are some fun items on your bucket list?