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Women of Intention Week Two: Intentional Eating

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Welcome to week two of the series, Women of Intention! Over the next fifteen weeks, Maple Alps will feature a woman who will talk about intentionality in specific areas in her life. We are all so glad you've decided to stop by! For more information, and a list of topics, visit our introduction post HERE

Women of Intention Week 2 Intentional Eating

This week's Intentional Woman:

Today we meet Mandi from Nosh and Nurture: a mama-to-be with a passion for nutrition!

I am so excited to share her interview with all of you today! She will be sharing her thoughts and experience living and maintaining a life of intentional health, specifically regarding what we eat. 

Once you're done reading, be sure to not only check out her blog, but share your thoughts (and if you want, the post too!).

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Tell us a bit about yourself: What are you passions, work and interests?

I adore travel! My biggest passion is just seeking new adventures with my husband and seeing the beautiful world God created. I also love cooking, helping people lead healthier lives and reading real books and magazines. My work is also a passion of mine. I am a professional journalist and a certified nutritionist. By day I am the managing editor for Basic Magazine, and nights and weekends I am running my nutrition business N³ and my blog, where I help clients and readers create healthy, well rounded lives through food, fitness and overall wellness.


As someone who didn’t always eat a healthy diet, and as a personal nutritionist, how have you seen the negative effects of not being intentional about what we eat?

The learning process has been amazingly eye opening and astonishing to me. I think the biggest shocker was that I thought I did always eat healthy. I was never a soda drinker or fast food eater, but what I once thought was healthy, when I really went back and read the labels, I realized how clueless I was. It's become a mission of mine to not only tell people what they should be eating, but TEACH them how to research what's really in their food and dig deeper to learn about the food industry in America. Because, it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Far from it, and it's up to us to be proactive and keep a healthy food source available to our children and grandchildren.

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I love how on your blog you talk about clean eating as a way of serving God. How does this translate into being intentional about what you eat and put into your body?

When I got sick in 2011, and my body started to break down before I even hit thirty, the only person I could turn to was God. Inflammation, pain, allergies, anxiety and extreme fatigue took me down when I was just a newlywed and I fell to my knees crying to Him many times as I was passed from Dr. to Dr. being prescribed medication I didn't want to take and felt I shouldn't take. God led me to answers I never would have thought to seek on my own. Natural remedies, supplements, naturopaths and healthy food options that reversed SO many of my symptoms. His blessings gave me my life back, I owe Him my life and in that I honour Him through taking care of this body. And I hope to encourage others to do the same.


How else does your mindfulness translate into your every-day activities and work?

I start my day intentionally by sitting at the breakfast table before turning on the computer or my phone and I do my devotions. I pray over my food and all I'm thankful for. I give Him my day and my work. I pray over my husband, those on my prayer list and our soon to be baby and it helps me focus my "why" on Him each day. My blog came from His path for me, my background before getting sick was very different. I was a touring pop recording artist with a record deal and just not living a healthy lifestyle. He's led me to so much better, His dreams became my new dreams and I adore this path and helping others find their health.


What would you say to encourage someone who is struggling with intentionality in this area of their life?

That it's all about baby steps. That there are days I still struggle or forget who to look to. It's in our nature, we are human. Extend to yourself grace, and keep a journal. Keeping a journal or a planner helps to keep me organized and reminds me when I get off track. Take time in your day, even if it's 10 minutes to try to connect to your why. Be it through prayer, meditation, or taking a quick walk just to center yourself and find quiet to refresh.

What about you? Do you eat, or strive to eat intentionally? Why don't you tell us about it in the comments, or connect with us on social media?

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